Work Examples - Professional Organizing and Home Staging

Examples of Work

A Quick and Easy Closet Makeover
This project used only items the client already owned.
Closet Before and After Professional Organizer Services
What the client said about the completed job...
"The closet in my spare bedroom has been a catch all for the past several years.  It was clogged up from floor to ceiling.  Cindie reorganized the closet and now there is plenty of space for everything.  Materials which initially were part of the clutter are now being used to color code and keep everything visible.  Also everly solid container is labeled so you don't have to open it to find out what is in it.  Now anyone could go into my closet and easily find whatever they are searching for.  Thank you very very much.  I can honestly recommend Cindie's services.  She is an excellent organizer with very creative solutions."

Home Staging
No need to buy/rent expensive accessories.  This project used items the homeowner already owned and we packed up the excess.
Living Room Before Home Stager Services
Living Room After Home Stager Services

Just a box of manila folders is all it took to get this home office under control.  Optional items that could be used to keep it orderly into the future and maximize desk space are a bookshelf and a portable filing cabinet.

Home Office Before Professional Organizer Services
Home Office After Professional Organizer Services